DRG 12989
Total running time: 35'51

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Music Composed andOrchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal
Album Produced by Elliot Goldenthal
Lyrics by Carlo Gozzi, Albert Bermel and David Suehsdorf

Songs Conducted by Joe Church and Jeanine Tesori
Orchestra Conducted by Teese Gohl and Gil Goldstein

Recorded and Mixed by Joel Iwataki

01. Truffaldino's Sausage Shop (1'15)
02. O Greedy People (2'56)
03. Tartaglia's Lament (1'52)
04. The Bickering (1'02)
05. Calmon, King of Statues (2'28)
06. Joy to the King (2'14)
07. Ninetta's Hope (2'33)
08. Renzo and Pompea Duet (2'11)
09. Barbarina's Lament (1'48)
10. The Waters That Dance (1'26)
11. Serpentina's Garden (1'33)
12. Under Bustle Funk (1'13)
13. Green Bird Descent (2'12)
14. The Magic Feather (1'06)
15. The King's Lament (solo violin) (0'40)
16. Accordions and Palace Rhumba (1'28)
17. Prologue (Radio Waves) (2'00)
18. Acids and Alkalis (2'28)
19. Apple Aria Instrumental (1'35)
20. O Foolish Heart (2'19)

Voice cast: Sophia Salguero, Sarah Jane Nelson, Meredith Patterson, Sebastian Roché, Lee Lewis, Andrew Weems, Ken Barnett, Reg E. Cathey, Didi Conn, Ned Eisenberg, Edward Hibbert, Katie MacNicol, Sarah Jane Nelson, Kristine Nielsen, Derek Smith and Bruce Turk.

Featured musical soloists: Barry Finclair, Teese Gohl, Bruce Williamson, Harvey Estrin, Steve Gorn, Gerard Reuter, Antoine Silverman, Bill Ruyle, Gil Goldstein, Virgil Blackwell, Elliot Goldenthal and Richard Martinez.

The Green Bird artwork © 2000 DRG Records