Varese VSD-5942
Total running time: 71'29

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Music Composed and Orchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal
Recording Produced by Joel Iwataki
Executive Producer: Robert Townson

Performed by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
Conducted by Emil De Cou

Recorded and Mixed and Edited by Joel Iwataki
Recorded in Davies Symphony Hall, April 20, 1998

Act I
01. Sarabande (3'12)
02. Entrada (2'24)
03. Carnival Dance (2'09)
04. Cassio (2'36)
05. Formal Court Dance (5'09)
06. Othello And Desdemona (6'08)
07. Zigzag Dance (1'47)
08. Iago and Emilia (5'06)

Act II
09. Storm and Ships Arrival (8'51)
10. Tarantella (14'12)

11. Lies and Variations (7'44)
1. Lies and Variations
2. Iago and Othello
3. Othello's Solo Dance
12. Desdemona's Prayer (5'25)
13. Adagietto and Coda Agitato (6'25)

Othello was originally commissioned by The American Ballet Theater and The San Francisco Ballet. Choreographer: Lar Lubovitch, Artistic Director of The American Ballet Theater: Kevin McKenzie, Artistic Director of The San Francisco Ballet: Helgi Tomasson, Music Director of The San Francisco Ballet Orchestra: Denis De Coteau.

Othello artwork 1998 Varese Sarabande