Sony Classical SK 66923
Total running time: 43'00

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Music Composed by Elliot Goldenthal (except *)
Music Produced by Matthias Gohl

Orchestrated by Robert Elhai and Elliot Goldenthal
Conducted by Jonathan Sheffer

Recorded and Mixed by Joel Iwataki
Electronic Music Produced by Richard Martinez
Music Editors: Dan Carlin

01. Variations on an Old Baptist Hymn (3'05)
02. Stump Meets Cobb (1'50)
03. Cooperstown Aria (Part I) (1'43)
04. Nevada Nightlight (2'28)
05. Reno Ho' (Part I) (2'37)
06. Newsreel Mirror (3'26)
07. Meant Monk (2'17)
08. Cooperstown Aria (Part II) (2'00)
09. Winter Walk (1'11)
10. Hart and Hunter (1'16)
11. Georgia Peach Rag (1'30)
12. The Baptism (1'30)
13. Reno Ho' (Part II) (2'35)
14. The Homecoming (6'18)
15. Sour Mash Scherzo (1'09)
16. Cobb Dies (1'49)
17. The Beast Within (from "Alien 3") (2'24)
18. The Ball Game - Sister Wynona Carr (2'24) *

Ty Cobb's classical, scientific approach to baseball both collided and cohabited with his irrational, almost transcendent abandon in the game.

These opposing forces in him gave me the key to composing the score: composition as collision.

This is most clearly heard in the "Variations on an Old Baptist Hymn," where the earthy and crude Gospel vocals contrast with the contained eloquence of classical musicianship, and in the "Georgia Peach Rag," where sunny moderato ragtime piano seems to be swallowed up by orchestral anarchy." - Elliot Goldenthal

Cobb Original Motion Picture Score 1994 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.