Sony Classical SK 89697
Total running time: 56'24

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Music Composed by Elliot Goldenthal
Music Produced by Teese Gohl and Elliot Goldenthal

Orchestrated by Robert Elhai and Elliot Goldenthal
Conducted by Dirk Brossť
Performed by London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices

Recorded and Mixed by Joel Iwataki
Electronic Music Produced by Richard Martinez

01. The Spirit Within (2'05)
02. Race To Old New York (1'20)
03. The Phantom Plains (1'42)
04. Code Red (2'05)
05. The Kiss (4'14)
06. Entrada (0'54)
07. Toccata & Dreamscapes (8'29)
08. Music For Dialogues (2'18)
09. Winged Serpent (1'35)
10. Zeus Cannon (3'42)
11. Flight To The Wasteland (5'56)
12. A Child Recalled (2'25)
13. The Eight Spirit (0'50)
14. Dead Rain (1'50)
15. Blue Light (3'29)
16. Adagio & Transfiguration (5'23)
17. The Dream Within - Vocals' Lara Fabian (4'43)
Music by Elliot Goldenthal, Lyrics by Richard Rudolph
18. Spirit Dreams Inside - L'Arc-en-ciel (3'42)

"It's the composer's challenge to focus the dramatic needs of a film project, which in the fase of FINAL FANTASY presented a strange hybrid between the fantastical and the hyper-human. There seemed to be only one logical answer for me, which was to amplify the humaness in any place that was dramatically possible. I wanted to treat the characters' emotional interactions, for example, as one would treat them in a normal drama, with a lyrical sweeping melody. The melody is first heard played on the most "domestic" of instruments, the piano. In hearing the piano in such a futuristic sci-fi setting, one is reminded of the familiar trappings of home, and thus we can create a more approachable setting for earth-bound romantic sentiments.

On the other hand, there's a great deal of action, including fantastical alien space battles, in the film, for which the virtuoso London Symphony orchestra is perfect. I use orchestration techniques associated with the late 20th-century Polish avant-garde, as well as my own experiments from ALIEN 3, and 19th-century Straussian brass and string instrumentation. This combination makes for a very unusual and unsettling feeling, but at the same time, an audience becomes immersed in watching the movie, and the illusion is complete." - Elliot Goldenthal

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Score © 2001 Sony Music Entertainment